We're on Deliveroo. Whoop Whoop!

Get it delivered!

Just email your shopping list: delivery@thegroceryshop.co.uk

 Make sure you include your name, address & phone number

We've teamed up with Zedify to cycle over all your Groceries. Just email us your shopping list before 1pm and we'll aim to deliver same day. Anything out of stock we'll call you with alternate options and take payment over the phone. Please make sure to specify a brand if not we'll pick the most affordable option.

Zedify charge £5 for any delivery to E1,E2, SE1, WC, EC, W1, E8, E5, N16. There may be a slight premium for postcodes outside of these but we're here to help as much as we can so just let us know if you have any special requirements.

EMAIL AND COLLECT FOR FREE: We are happy to take orders by email and let you know when you can come down and collect, we can even bring your bags outside to you.


This is one of our most popular services. You can find all your favourite wines and foods on Deliveroo which can be delivered within 15-20 minutes to your home or office.

Deliveroo do charge a premium for operating their service but if you're on your way home or having a party or no time to nip out before that meeting , its the practical solution!